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Becoming is the gallery’s fifth exhibition. The four artists in Becoming… invigorate the genre of portraiture with wit, beauty, and style. They hone in on the essence of their subjects’ personalities, depicting inner life and social context rather than a physical likeness. From historical paintings that veer into abstraction, surrealist found faces in shards of bark, to beautifully rendered forms not fully human, each artist presents a cohesive body of work that reveals as much of their intentions as it does their subjects’.

Exhibition Dates: November 14, 2014 - January 4, 2015



Deborah Brown

  • Deborah Brown Deborah Brown Grand Infanta oil on canvas 70 X 80
  • Deborah Brown Deborah Brown Tete-Equestrian oil on canvas 30 X 30

Deborah Brown’s work references Classical and Baroque sculpture, 18th century paintings and 19th century novels. Her new paintings, the “Têtes,” are inspired by the tradition of formal portraiture and history paintings and appropriate the costumes, coiffures and conventions of self-presentation inherent in the genre. Brown aims to reposition iconic images in a contemporary context, encouraging the viewer to rethink their meaning as we look back through the telescope of history.

Since 1982 Deborah Brown has lived and worked in New York where she is represented by Lesley Heller Workspace. She has had one-person shows at galleries and museums around the country.  Her public art projects include mosaics commissioned by the MTA for the Houston Street subway station. In addition to her practice as an artist, she owns and directs the gallery Storefront Ten Eyck in Brooklyn, and serves on the board of NURTUREart, the Artist Advisory Board of BRIC, and Community Board #4 in Bushwick.



Gregory Curry

  • Gregory Curry Gregory Curry Sour City-Pleasure Park
  • Gregory Curry Gregory Curry Lucid Interval

Gregory Curry’s paintings postulate a post human environment inspired by and extrapolated from dynamic conditions now impacting the human animal.  By not using photography, art historical or other overt visual references to make these images, Curry explores the possibilities that painting offers for image invention by reassembling the fragmented body as it emerges in new forms and spaces.
Gregory Curry is the recipient of a Francis Criss Purchase Award, and is a full scholarship recipient to the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. He lives and paints in New York City.


Mary Dwyer

  • Mary Dwyer Mary Dwyer Grimke Sisters, 1830's
  • Mary Dwyer Mary Dwyer Susan B. Anthony, on the Road Again

Fascinated by American history, Mary Dwyer blends the American Folk Art tradition with an abstract modernist aesthetic. The inspiration of her work revolves around historic lore and a love of primitive portraiture paintings. Drawn from extensive research oftentimes found to be inexact and contradictory, Mary’s work becomes her own personal interpretation of history.

Dwyer is a 2008 recipient of Connecticut Artist Fellowship Grant. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and London. Her paintings are in the collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticut.



Alice Momm

  • Alice Momm Alice Momm Bark! Many thoughts and much to say
  • Alice Momm Alice Momm Homer and Bart Looking at Art

Alice Momm lives in New York City and longs for the country. Bark, leaves and scraps are her materials of choice. She is drawn to their fragility and to the challenges of finding beauty or a voice in each picked-up thing.   That the bark has been shed, the leaves have fallen, only makes her more determined to breathe a new sort of existence into the quiet remains. 

Alice Momm’s work is inspired both by her immersion in and longing for nature.  Her ephemeral and sculptural works have been exhibited at venues such as Wave Hill in the Bronx and the Islip Art Museum in East Islip, NY. She has participated in many artist residencies including I-Park in East Haddam, CT, Hambidge Center, and Stone Quarry Hill Art Park. In addition to her work as an artist, Momm is a curator specializing in building art collections for health care settings.




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