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EDEN, the gallery’s second exhibition, featured works by Michael Drury, Charles Geiger, Melinda Hackett, Lina Puerta and Sylvia Schwartz.

These five New York City and the Hudson River Valley artists focus on creating lush worlds that show evidence of humanity’s need to mess with Paradise.

Exhibition Dates: July 5 – August 24, 2014


Charles Geiger
Geiger's paintings intermix the metaphorical, tree and marine forms into mesoscopic quasi-botanical landscapes where rituals of rejuvenation and hope are staged. He lives and works in upstate New York and is represented by Imogen Holloway Gallery in Saugerties, New York.

  • Charles Geiger Charles Geiger Fossil Fruit © 2012
    Acrylic and inks on canvas 64"x64"
  • Charles Geiger Charles Geiger Mutual Assurance © 2011
    Acrylic, watercolor, ink on paper 48" x 59"



Melinda Hackett
Melinda Hackett is an abstract painter and printmaker who’s paintings transport the viewer to a necessarily foreign place, where nature can be experienced without knowing it fully, and where reality is communicated through the senses. She has a BA from Hobart William Smith College and an MFA from Parsons New School. She is represented by Cade Tompkins Projects in Providence, Rhode Island.

  • Melinda Hackett Melinda Hackett Lemon Squeeze
    oil on canvas 64" x 60" ©2011
  • Melinda Hackett Melinda Hackett Bella Indigo © 2011
    oil on canvas 64" x 60" ©2011

MDMH Projects
Melinda is one part of the newly formed art partnership MDMH with the sculptor and goldsmith Michael Drury, a graduate of School of Visual Arts and the Hunter MFA program. The exchange is an experimental dialog between two-­‐dimensional and three-­‐dimensional depiction. Through the collaboration the two seek to cross pollinate each other’s practice and emerge with hybrid objects that resonate with the back and forth of shared experience.


  • MDMH Collaborative MDMH Collaborative Sawtooth wax cast bronze 5 inches 2013
  • MDMH Collaborative MDMH Collaborative Trumpet wax cast bronze 5 inches 2013



Lina Puerta

Lina Puerta utilizes a wide variety of materials in her sculpture— concrete, clay, resin, wood, foam, fabric, craft and recycled items; and artiKicial plants. With these materials she creates hybrid ecosystems of anatomical and botanical forms, drawing the connection between the human body and the natural world. Puerta was born in New Jersey and raised in Colombia. She holds an MS in Art Education from Queens College of CUNY and has been recipient of the 2013-­‐14 Smack Mellon Residency and Fellowship, 2013 Wave Hill Winter Workspace Residency, 2010 Emerging Artist Fellowship from Socrates Sculpture Park and the Urban Artists Initiative NYC Grant (2009-­‐2010). Her work has been featured in several publications including Wilder Quarterly, Public Art & Ecology (China), Sculpture Magazine and The New York Times. Her work is currently included in the summer 2014 group exhibition: Back to Eden: Contemporary Artists Wander the Garden, at MOBIA, NYC aand she will be the 2014-­‐Fall Artist in Residence at NYC Material for the Arts.


  • Lina Puerta Lina Puerta "Untitled- yellow 2013 15.5 x 15.5 x 1
    Wood, Polyurethane, concrete,
    wire, acrylic sheet, paint,
    fabric, lace, artificial moss, beads, trims and flock.
  • Lina Puerta Lina Puerta "Island of Langerhans" 2011* 11 x 13 x 11
    Clay, glaze, fabric, rhinestones,
    appliqué, polyurethane foam, glue, modeling trees,
    paint artificial plants and briefcase.

*Island of Langerhans – is inspired by the pancreas.
The title is based on the Islet of Langerhans, a group of cells within the pancreas that produce insulin.


Sylvia Schwartz

Based in NYC, Sylvia Schwartz works with paper, plaster, photography and resin. Schwartz received a degree in fine art from the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia and later studied sculpture at Columbia University. Nature is a strong inspiration for her work. Schwartz has worked extensively at Dieu Donne Papermill. “My connection with nature contrasts my family history that has endured many generations of displacement. The landscape is my constant, a reference point. Installation as a medium has been a way to act upon these feelings of relocation.” Her work has been seen in group exhibitions in NY and New Jersey including BWAC, Nurture Art, Leslie Heller Gallery and the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. For EDEN, Schwartz is creating a new site specific installation titled “Field of Grass.”

  • Sylvia Schwartz Sylvia Schwartz Field of Grass-Detail
    Site specific installation
    155 blades, each blade 21x7
    cast plaster, talcum
  • Sylvia Schwartz Sylvia Schwartz Field of Grass-Detail
    Site specific installation
    155 blades, each blade 21x7
    cast plaster, talcum


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