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GOBSMACKED, the gallery's third exibition, featured works by Margaret Roleke & Charlotte Schulz

These artists enact this moment of cerebral astonishment through lush creations in charcoal drawings, sculpture, and installations bringing to life a different realm of ‘realism.’

Exhibition Dates: September 6 - October 5, 2014



Margaret Roleke creates politically aware work. These reliefs and paper pieces first appear as abstractions, only upon closer examination does it surface that they are composed of multitudes of plastic toys, oddly sexualized Disney characters and Happy Meal trinkets. Through investigation of popular culture, gender, the consumerism of childhood, and war itself, viewers are brought into an avenue between pop culture and verisimilitude.

  • Margaret Roleke Margaret Roleke Disorder
    © 2014, readymade toys, paint, wood support
  • Margaret Roleke Margaret Roleke McDonald Land _Detail © 2014 | wall relief |
    painted toys on wood 50x60

Charlotte Schulz’ sensuous charcoal drawings encompass movement in time, signifying shifts in thought and emotion.
The marrow of her drawing is to depict a psychological topography—one in which views proliferate stretching and unfolding onto the surface of the paper. The result is a purposefully disjointed narrative, fusing catastrophes of history with domestic interiors, postmodern architecture, among otherworldly landscapes. Her vignettes of diverse images of erasure are interwoven, and seemingly emerge out of the paper.


  • Charlotte Schulz Charlotte Schulz An Insufficiency in our Screens:
    A Survey Across Principle Boundaries_Detail © 2006 charcoal on paper
    28” x 38”
  • Charlotte Schulz Charlotte Schulz Boundary Stones
    Detail, © 2009, Charcoal on paper



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