Las Gravitas

Dates: November 16 - December 16, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, November 16, from 6-8 pm
Artist's Talk: Sunday, December 16, 4-5:30 pm

Artists: Yvette Cohen, Lester Rapaport, Margaret Roleke, Lydia Viscardi

Yvette Cohen

  • Cohen Yvette Cohen Thin Air
  • Cohen Yvette Cohen Per Aspera Ad Astra-Through Hardship To The Stars

Lester Rapaport

  • Lester Rapaport Lester Rapaport Robin's Passing

Margaret Roleke

  • Margaret Roleke Margaret Roleke Pop, Pop Bottom
  • Margaret Roleke Margaret Roleke Pop, Pop Single section

Lydia Viscardi

  • Lydia Viscardi Lydia Viscardi Altered digital print from found photograph,
    fabric collage, colored pencil 10x14 $700
  • Lydia Viscardi Lydia Viscardi Coverup Red and Gold on Violet, 2018,
    Altered digital print from found photograph,
    enamel paint, colored pencil on paper, 9 x 13 inches

ODETTA’s Flat Files are curated to tie in with every exhibition. Lester Rapaport’s monumental painting Robin’s Passing will be the featured work on the studio wall over the flat files. In the cabinets, Lydia Viscardi’s works on paper and collages from her new series, Cover Up, continues the layered images using the same found car crash photographs, lace, and drawn elements, bringing viewers into a more intimate encounter with her work. Margaret Roleke will present related silkscreen images and etchings. Opening each drawer in the cabinet presents interactive site-specific installations on a micro-scale that offer an element of surprise with the breadth of dimensionality and innovation each artist brings to this curated space.