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Closing Reception for "OPENING DAY"
Sunday June 29, 6-8 pm
with guest vocalists Goussy Celestin and Adam Matta perform Soundings at at 7pm

This exhibition celebrates the opening of ODETTA gallery, featuring the works of four significant artists from Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Ridgewood who share common interests in line, lettering, color and abstraction.

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Opening Day Reception
Photographer: Savannah Magruder

OPENING DAY pulls together significant artists from the local neighborhood who share a similar focus on abstraction, lettering, line and color.

Joe Amrhein’s enamel on mylar paintings, which will be exhibited in Bushwick for the First time, are meditations on layers, language, and mandalas.

Joe Amrhein is the founder and Co-owner / Director of Pierogi Gallery and The Boiler, both in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in addition to working as an active visual artist. Known for its inventive program, Pierogi was launched twenty years ago. Gallery artists range from recent graduates having their first exhibitions, to veterans who have been included in important exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, Site Santa Fe, and the Whitney Biennial. Pierogi is also known for its Flat Files, housing original works by 800+ artists. As an artist, Amrhein is a painter who works mainly with text on a variety of media, including translucent vellum and glass. He uses language, text, and font icons as the primary subject, with reference to sign painting, which gives this language scale and vitality. The materials he paints on, besides being traditional surfaces for signs, afford him the option to develop the text within a metaphorical content. He has exhibited widely in the US and Europe, and is represented by Jochen Hempel Gallery, Leipzig, Germany.

  • Joe Amrhein Joe Amrhein Evolution (diptych) ©2014
    Enamel on mylar with metal grommets
    21 x 21 inches each.
  • Joe Amrhein Joe Amrhein A Fallibility of Perception © 2011
    Enamel and gold leaf on mylar with linen tape and metal grommets
    74 x 47.5 inches
  • Joe Amrhein Joe Amrhein A © 2011
    Enamel on mylar with metal grommets
    42 x 42 inches


Rob de Oude will be showing his large‐scale painting Dodge & Dislodge, for the First time in NYC, in addition to his other hypnotic, obsessively focused paintings exalting line, repetition and the inherent fallibility of the human touch.

Rob de Oude has shown recently in the US, Europe and Asia, notably at: Galerie Gourvennec Ogor in Marseille, France, Storefront Bushwick in Brooklyn, NY, McKenzie Fine Art in New York, NY, BRIC Rotunda in Brooklyn, NY and City Ice Arts in Kansas City, MO. As a founding member, de Oude is currently co-director of Parallel Art Space in Queens, NY.

“By introducing shifting angles and layers of new color, he establishes self-generating patterns of rhythm and a relentless sense of motion. These layers of tightly spaced bands of color and collisions of angled lines produce changing optic effects, including moiré patterns that make his surfaces vibrate with an underlying energy. He draws inspiration from pioneering abstract painters of the last century whose work embodied visionary, utopian ideas, among them, El Lissitzky, Malevich and Mondrian. Like these pioneering abstract painters, de Oude is dedicated to rigorous formal experimentation.” -Elizabeth Ferrer (curator, BRIC Rotunda Gallery)

  • Rob de Oude Rob de Oude Tangibly Paradoxed © 2013
    oil on panel
    16 x 16inches
  • Rob de Oude Rob de Oude Slow Churner © 2013
    oil on panel
    16 x 16inches
  • Rob de Oude Rob de Oude Dodge & Dislodge © 2014
    oil and acrylic on canvas
    108 x 54 inches
  • Rob de Oude Rob de Oude Candied Candor © 2013
    oil on panel
    16 x 16inches



Enrico Gomez creates acrylic, ink and watercolor works on stretched paper and panel based on abstracted letterform and calligraphic line. In his paintings he explores and obscures our most basic forms of inter‐personal connection.

Enrico Gomez is a painter, curator and art critic.. He has exhibited at The Front Room Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, IOTAprojects in New York City, P.S.122 Gallery in Long Island City, The Leslie‐Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art in New York, NY and the Pop Up Art Shop in Baranquilla, Columbia. He was a founding member of Camel Art Space, an artist‐run art gallery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He is the Co‐Founder and Co‐Director of Parallel Art Space, an artist‐run gallery in Ridgewood, Queens. Gomez is the monthly art critic for WAGMAG, Brooklyn Art Guide, and for esse: art + opinions. In 2014 Brooklyn Magazine named him one of the 100 Most InTluential People in Brooklyn Culture.

  • Enrico Gomez Enrico Gomez If Pt. 1 – Study © 2013
    acrylic on paper
    18x14” (number/letter glyph)
  • Enrico Gomez Enrico Gomez Lady of the Canyon, Flowy Marden – Study #8 © 2012
    ink and watercolor on paper
  • Enrico Gomez Enrico Gomez Eventide © 2013
    acrylic on stretched paper
  • Enrico Gomez Enrico Gomez By Horse or By Hearse II – Me and My Shadow Series © 2013
    acrylic on stretched paper



Markus Linnenbrink will be exhibiting in his neighborhood of Bushwick for the Tirst time, showing his large-­‐scale painting MEINWILDEHERZ and other recent work. MEINWILDEHERZ embodies layers of emotion, memory and a passion for the gestural abstraction of the mid-­‐20th century Abstract Expressionists.

Born in Germany, Markus Linnenbrink has exhibited his work extensively at galleries and museums all around the world. Currently based in the USA, Linnenbrink works from a studio in Brooklyn and effortlessly moves between three dimensional, site-­‐speciTic and painting-­‐based practices and projects. He notably utilizes resin as a core material -­‐ in tandem with his characteristic oozing and streaked hues of vivid color, or similarly-­‐manipulated shades of sober greys and blacks. Eagerly sought-­‐after, examples of Linnenbrink‘s work are now housed in the permanent collections of prestigious institutions, including San Francisco‘s Museum of Modern Art, the Herzliya Museum of Art, in Israel, Ucla Hammer, in L.A and Kassel‘s Museum Neue Galerie. Linnenbrink is now represented by Ameringer Mcenery Yohe Gallery in NYC and will have a solo exhibition at the gallery this coming September.

  • Markus Linnenbrink Markus Linnenbrink GETUPWHILEYOUCAN © 2014
    Epoxy resin and pigments on wood
    12 x 14" (smaller)
  • Markus Linnenbrink Markus Linnenbrink NOTHINGANDNOBODY ©2011 - 2014
    Pigments, epoxy resin, and found objects
    18 x 84 x 8 1/2"(sculpture)
  • Markus Linnenbrink Markus Linnenbrink MEINWILDESHERZ © 2011
    Epoxy resin, c-print, and pigments on wood
    72 x 120" (large photo/painting)


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