Dates: March 12 – June 10, 2021

In this full year of quarantine, the ways people seek community is as boundless as the mind itself. Now in a moment of real hope, a re-emergence as the vaccine is rolled out, brings us together face to face with the world around us. With this expansion we’ll assess anew the jobs, homes, economy, creative life, our health and the concern for others.

Buckle up and prepare to step out of the pod!

The work and intention of artists and their challenges has been a steady presence during the pandemic. From their production of new works in their studios, teaching from their homes, adapting to the new normal, and generally changing in an instant, artists can teach us all about resilience, innovation, and flexibility.

With ODETTA Digital, I’ve felt an immense sense of responsibility to give a message of hope and connection to artists. I wish to offer access to a gallery system that welcomes all, an Ellis Island for artists. Come on in, get registered on a digital platform that is world-renowned, and go forth with us and build your business as artists.

Page-Turner is an overview of this community, now comprised of 90 + artists. What used to happen in the gallery: artists stopping in, introducing themselves to me, making sure we connected, is now an online interaction. 

Page-Turner will launch officially March 20 and 21 with a series of four synchronized announcements on Instagram of the exhibition with our entire group participating. Be sure to follow and engage with our artists. We'll be creating a swell of attention in this sea of images on Artsy. Look for our next announcement for times.

Our growing community is comprised of driven individuals whose desire to connect and engage has forced us all out of our natural shyness, and removed any negative associations of self-promotion. Transparency is key, as is the sharing of information within and beyond this network.
At present, ODETTA Digital's membership is comprised of artists of all ages, genres, and careers, with these common traits: we are willing to try out new ideas in gallery practice, in leadership, and in our work.

I’m on the edge of my seat to see what happens as we advance into the second year of ODETTA Digital. It surely is a new page, a new novel, one in which I’m elated to be writing.

~Ellen Hackl Fagan

Particpating artists:

AlisonCuomo AmyCheng AmyVensel AndraSamelson AnnChernow 
AnneRynearson ArminAndreasVölckers
BarbaraHocker BarbaraLubliner BarbaraO'Shea BobErickson CamilleEskell 
CeciliaAndré CharlesBirnbaum CharlesGeiger
ChristopherKaczmarek ConnieNewtonStancell CoraJaneGlasser CrisDam CynthiaMacCollum 
DebbieHesse DeborahFreedman DebraPearlman DianeEnglander 
EleanorRahim EllenHacklFagan ElkeSolomon EmilyBerger 
FionaRoss GregGarvey InkaJuslin JaneRainwater
JaneSangerman JenniferPrintz JimFelice 
JoYarrington JoanFitzsimmons 
JoanGrubin JoanReutershan JoanneLobotsky JoyBush 
JudithKruger JudithSteinberg JuneAhrens KaiLondonCohen 
KateFauvell KatherineJackson KathyCantwell 
KimMatthews KristinThielking LadyMcCrady 
LeePaine LeslieKerby LindaCunningham LindaKingFerguson 
LisaPressman LisieOrjuela 
LizbethMitty LorenEiferman MarcoBras 
MaryDwyer MaryJoLombardo MaryMcFerran MattFrieburghaus MelissaRubin 
MichaelDalCerro MicheleBrody MoniqueAllain 
NancyBaker NilsHill 
PatriciaMiranda PeggyReeves PhoebePeterson PhyliciaTierney
RitaValley RoniRamos SamanthaPalmieri SethCallander
StephanieSerpick SueCarlson SungWonYun SusanHensel SusanLuss SuzanShutan 
SuzanneBenton TayoHeuser TomokoAbe 


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