ODETTA is excited to introduce a new exhibition space, ODETTA Petite. Replicating the gallery’s original Bushwick space, Ellen Hackl Fagan and Seth Callander have created a scaled-down space to enable its artists to return to gallery exhibitions. The new space measures 15 w x 24.5 l x 8.5 h inches. 

With a touch of humor, Fagan’s plan for ODETTA Petite is to have it function as a true model for the gallery, presenting a robust program of large-scaled sculptures and installations. Designers and architects can present models of larger scale projects for their private and corporate clients to preview for commissions. 

Fagan’s passion for experimentation and innovation leads her to find new ways to inspire artists and collectors to stay engaged within both virtual and physical spaces, and hybrids like ODETTA Petite.

Plans for future installations are being considered. Contact Ellen for more information.


Seth Callander, Narrative